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Business Guide

SI Consulting

  • Proposal, configuration and support of Information systems
  • Support of enterprise strategy and management reforms
  • Support of Engineer development

Technical Consulting

  • Technology Consulting of Test and Measurement in High Frequency Area
  • High Frequency Measurement Training
  • Support of Engineer development

SI Consulting

If you earn the most advanced technology,the most important things are :

  • The result of consulting service, WHAT is changed
  • Be able to see your business process
  • Who has a responsibility to it

The solution for your issue is ‘human’. IT is only tool.Trust NetWork’s consultants teach efficient working way using IT system and hardware technique .

Information system consulting

-configuration, restructuring and operation research for the information system. We support a cost effective system building from installation to practical operation.

ERP installation support

-ERP ntroduction is a businesses reorganization. currently exist your business flow ? It is not meaning to customize ERP to fit current business. We consult and support for this issue, and result in a meaningful reorganization.

Solution support

– if you are not expert of CRM or SCM, it is too difficult to produce results. We have powerful partners.

corporate innovation consulting

-though ‘company’s assets are employee’ project, we serve a employee training program.

Technical Consulting