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What’s the trust network

In 1980’s, I entered in a foreign capital company. That time, newcomers had to study know-how for work from what seniors or my boss were doing, they were called craftsman. I did the same thing as they did. But I did not follow the decided things by my easy thought. So I repeated a failure and getting chewed out, as the result I studied to think and get an idea. When I had hit the wall insoluble problem, I continued to think without quitting, I heard someone’s opinion. I repeated a failure, and finally I learned ‘creating’. Until now I consulted in various companies. The following phenomenon are commonly-observed in all most of client, although ability of individual employee were very good they could not mobilized as ‘organization’s power’. The merit of company is to offer the best product or service as the brand in the market by mobilizing ‘organization’s power’. There is limitation in individual, but 100 person can produce more than 100 manpower. The purpose of our consulting is to be able to change each employee’s mind. ‘Employee’ are invaluable asset. We can only company to be able to increase ‘human’ value.

Takuma Hashimoto / President Trust NetWork 2002.Jun